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Crabbing & Fishing

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Crabbing Bait & Tackle
Crab Hand Lines (hook & line)$ 2.50
Crab Trap (4 door)$19.99
Trap Line (48 feet)$2.50
Twine (100 feet)$2.50
Crab Tongs$5.95
Wooden Bushel Baskets (with lid)$12.00
Bucket (5 gallon, without lid)$4.00
Bunker Bag (4 fish)$7.50
Fishing Bait & Tackle
Fishing Poles (rent per pole, per day)$10.00
Blood Worms (1 dozen)$12.00
Squid (1 lb. box)$7.50
Squid Strips (unscented)$7.50
Squid Strips (Shedder Scented)$8.50
Clams (small pack)$4.95
Fresh Salted Clam (1 Pint)$9.50
Spearing (small)$4.95
Spearing (large)$6.50
Peruvian Spearing$4.95
Live Minnows (1/2 pint)$6.25
Live Minnows (1 pint)$12.50

About Crabbing & Fishing

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Crabbing season in this area normally runs from early June to late October. The best times of the day for crabbing are early morning and late afternoon but it is not uncommon to catch them all day long. Crabs can be caught in traps or by using hand lines to lure the crab towards a net to be scooped up. The traps are more consistent but many use the hand lines because they are more fun and challenging.

Crabs can also be caught with different types of bait. The most popular with crabbers in this area is frozen bunker because they’re both relatively cheap and easy to handle. Lastly, be careful of the claws because they are strong and give a good pinch. Crabs can be picked up and carried by their flipper like swimming legs since this is out of reach of their claws.

To keep your catch alive in the boat keep them covered, wet, and cool in a bushel basket. This is easily done by keeping them out of the sun with a wet towel on top and occasionally dunking the basket in the water on longer days of crabbing. Don’t keep crabs submerged in buckets of water for any length time because they will quickly deplete the oxygen in the water and suffocate. To take them home keep them on top of wet newspaper in a cooler filled with ice. Discard dead crabs.

Consult our staff, a friend, or cookbook for the best way to clean and cook a crab but don’t be surprised to get a few different answers. There are many ways to clean and cook crabs based on personal preference. Whichever method you choose, be sure to rinse live crabs with fresh water before cooking, discard dead crabs, cook until the shell turns bright red, and before eating discard the internal organs, pull out the gills, and rinse with fresh water.

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